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MonitorGo personal alarm system for the elderly

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Welcome to the MonitorGo blog. This is the area of the site where we talk about things that are relevant to the elderly care industry as well as show some sides of the company you may not see so much elsewhere on the site; the human story side (in terms of users, their carers and the people behind MonitorGo), our vision for MonitorGo and more about how the development of the device is going – for it will be an on-going process of improvement.

If you have found this website and are reading this blog then you are probably thinking of using such a device, have a relative or friend who could use find it of use or you are in the elderly care industry in some regard. Whichever of these audiences you fall into we hope that you will find something on here that will resonate with you.

While we are a profit making company, hopefully you will see that we are motivated by much more than just profit and that we genuinely wish to make a difference. From founder Stephen’s desire to create something better following his experience with his own family members to the way we’ve conceptualised and developed it through to supplying it and after sales care, we hope that this comes through.

At the time of writing the device is not yet available to buy; we’re still fine tuning it and conducting field tests before we release it onto the market. We believe that this should happen by the end of June/beginning of July but you can pre-order here. No money will be taken from you and there’s no commitment to buy at this stage. We’ll simply keep you updated on developments and give you the first opportunity to buy when we do release it.

We’re very proud of the product that we’ve created over the last year and genuinely feel that it could be a very important development in the field of care for the elderly. Based on our quite extensive research we think it’s unique and could allow many more older people to live independently with confidence for much longer. Exciting times!

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