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UK Telehealthcare Marketplace Event

Stephen Bradbury at UKTHC event

Yesterday we attended our first trade event – one of UK Telehealthcare’s (UKTHC) Marketplace events. This event was held in South London, at Merton College, and was an opportunity for us to build awareness of MonitorGO and meet people from the assistive technology industry as well as some people looking for products for their friends and family.

It was a really productive day for us; we talked to lots of people and it really helped us improve our understanding of the industry and what people need. We also spoke to other providers of products and there were real crossovers and areas of interest to pursue.

Our thanks go to the UKTHC for organising the event, which was really well attended, and to everyone that we spoke to. We’ll be working on the offering for local authorities and other partners as a direct result of the conversations we had yesterday.

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