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Over the course of the last few months, as we’ve been developing the MonitorGo device, we’ve spoken to quite a number of different partners and suppliers as well as our own friends, families and colleagues. The response to the idea of MonitorGo has been very positive and encouraging but one of the most interesting aspects of these conversations has been a common theme; the ‘that would be great for my gran/mum/dad/uncle/mum’s friend etc…’ theme.

It would seem that the majority of us have someone in our lives who is getting older and could benefit from some additional support to continue to live independently. It’s amazing how many times we’ve been describing the device to people who have said that it would be ideal for somebody they know. These stories have included the following:

The mum who divides her time between two family members in different homes but insists on wearing her alarm pendant even when she’s in the house that is not set up with a communication box to receive the signal;

The grandma who won’t wear her pendant because she doesn’t like the association of an ‘old person’s device’;

The uncle who falls due to passing out and is therefore unable to raise the alarm;

The mum who won’t use her alarm for minor problems because she doesn’t want to bother the call centre people;

The dad who wanders off and is often missing for a number of hours because he’s become confused.

While we always knew that there was a demand for this type of device, we’ve been amazed at just how many people have a personal story about somebody in their lives who could benefit. On the one hand it reassures us that there is a genuine demand for something better. On the other it’s very sad that so many older people are being failed by the existing solutions in some way.

Pretty much all of these people have expressed an interest in their gran/mum/dad/uncle/friend helping to test the device in live field trials and we certainly intend to take them up on this offer where appropriate.

Do you have a story? If you are in the same situation and you know someone who could possibly find the MonitorGo personal alarm device useful then you can register to be notified when the device becomes available in the next few weeks and we’ll keep you up to date with progress.

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