What is MonitorGO®?

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Setting Up Your MonitorGO® Device 


Once you have ordered your MonitorGO® device you will be taken to our client login area where you will need to add your personal details in order for us to pre-load your device. This is a very simple process and can be completed by anyone with basic knowledge of internet based forms.

You will need the names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts and an e-mail address if they’d like to receive e-mail notifications. You can store up to 30 contacts but you will need to assign 3 of them as emergency contacts so the device alerts the right people in the event of an incident. You can also add details of any medical conditions you have which could be useful for the help line to know about if you need assistance. Once these details are added in we will load them onto your device so that when it arrives it can be used straight from the box.

Getting to know the client area of the website

The client area is where you add your details is the same area where your loved ones will be able to log in and access your reports (though you will have separate login details). This includes your location tracking, the battery status of your device and records of any alerts made (completed alerts as well as false alarms that were cancelled before being made). You can also make changes to the contact information in here whenever you want.

If you are not confident in setting this up yourself you can ask a family member or friend to do this on your behalf.

If you have any further queries about setting up your device you can contact us or refer to our Technical Help page.