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Strength in Numbers

Jeremy Wilson, WGN

The team at MonitorGo received a boost this week. We were joined by Jeremy Wilson from WGN (specialist business advisors to SME growth companies) as our Finance Director.

Jeremy will be working with us to launch the MonitorGo device at the end of June.

Jeremy was keen to pre-order a device for his own grandmother – “I would like to provide my grandmother with a MonitorGo device. She is in her mid ‘80s and lives alone. She has had several hip replacements (both hips!) and a knee replacement and really struggles from a mobility perspective.

“Otherwise, she is fit, well and alert and loves her independence. She currently wears a pendant alarm and has had falls in the past but she has not used the pendant for fear of creating a fuss and not wanting to have to deal with a call centre.

“For this reason, if the device has been set up to alert her closest relatives first (who all live close by) then she would be fully prepared to use it to call for assistance. That’s just one of the ways that MonitorGo is appealing because of its flexibility and customisable settings.

“The device will also, of course, alert us (her nearest and dearest) about any falls she has that she chooses not to tell us about which is another concern we have.

“I am really pleased to be working with MonitorGo – to develop a growing company with an exciting new product which can do so much to enhance people’s lives.”

Blog by Stephen Bradbury, Founder of MonitorGo Ltd

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