What is MonitorGO®?

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Personal Alarms for the Elderly

Personal alarms, often worn as a pendant or wristband, first appeared on the UK market in the early 1980s and at the time they offered a good system, giving older people living on their own access to outside help. While these systems have provided a much needed service over the years they are now subject to various limitations. Over the last 30 years the technology has actually changed very little and these systems are now somewhat outdated.

MonitorGO® was developed in direct response to those limitations following the personal experience of founder Stephen Bradbury while caring for several family members in their old age. The two most significant issues were the range of the device and being unable to activate it in the event of a fall due to being unconscious. A standard personal alarm device has to be within range of a box connected to the phone line. Being in the garden or even upstairs could mean that you were out of auditory range or signal range, rendering it useless. A fall or lack of consciousness could represent an even bigger issue if it left you unable to manually activate the device. See an independent comparison of telecare devices conducted by Guy Dewsbury, PhD here.

A New Type of Personal Alarm

MonitorGO® provides a solution that not only meets these needs but far exceeds them. The device itself is a mobile phone so it can be used anywhere with a network signal. This not only allows you go into the garden but in fact enables you to go anywhere and still enjoy the same protection, supporting your independence.

A standard personal alarm device’s only real function is to enable you to call for help. MonitorGO® has no less than 9 key features: Alarm Raising; Fall Detection; Unconsciousness Alert; GPS Location FindingFalse Alarm Prevention; Fully Waterproof; Fully Mobile; Mobile Phone Functionality + access to the Medvivo 24/7 Help Line. No device has ever combined all these features before.

Here’s a quick ‘at a glance’ comparison of benefits

FeaturesStandard Personal AlarmMonitorGO Device
User operated alarm
24/7 call centre
Failsafe built in (phone call to check)
Third party monitoring
GPS location tracking
Unlimited calls to UK landlines included
Fall detection
Unconsciousness alert
Device itself able to make and receive phone calls
Can be used in any location
Fully Waterproof

MonitorGO® is in fact a completely new type of personal alarm and is the only one of its kind in the UK. It is subject to a number of patents pending on different aspects of its innovative design. Developed exclusively by MonitorGO® Ltd we are very proud of the product and believe it will make a huge impact on those wishing to continue to lead an independent life well into their later years.

How much MonitorGO® does cost?

The device costs £199 plus a monthly fee of £30 for network provision and access to the 24/7 help line. For full details see MonitorGO® pricing.