What is MonitorGO®?

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Who is MonitorGO® For?

MonitorGO® has been developed specifically for older people who want access to help if required. In later years it is common to develop health problems that can restrict your ability to lead an independent life. These conditions may affect your mobility or make it difficult for you to pick yourself up should you have a fall.

MonitorGO® is designed for older people who don’t need around the clock care but may be at theoretical risk to some degree and want a ‘safety net’ of assistance to call upon. Because MonitorGO® is a very mobile device that works outside the home and well as in it, it’s very useful for those who are still quite active and like to get out and about. You can think of it as like a pendant but works everywhere and does much more.

Retaining your independence in later years

We understand your desire to continue to lead as independent a life as possible. Something nobody should have to lose is their pride and dignity, even though you may not enjoy the same good health you once did. MonitorGO® can help you to retain your independence for longer because it gives you fast, easy access to appropriate help should you need it.

You may be living alone, or with a spouse or partner with similar health issues. You may even be living with a relative some or all of the time but there are occasions when you are on your own because of the practicalities of their lives or when you yourself go out. MonitorGO® provides that vital link to guaranteed help regardless of where you are, when it happens or even in the event that you have a fall and lose consciousness. Plus, because MonitorGO® is still a mobile phone and you get UNLIMITED CALLS TO UK LANDLINES, and you can store up to 30 contacts on the device,  it can provide you with a vital link to your friends and family.

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How much MonitorGO® does cost?

The device costs £199 plus a monthly fee of £30 which includes network provision and access to the 24/7 help line. For full details see MonitorGO® pricing.