What is MonitorGO®?

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The MonitorGO® Package: What You Get & Pricing

With a MonitorGO®system you need the device itself plus a monthly package which includes mobile network provision and access to the Medvivo 24/7 Help Line.

MonitorGO personal alarm device

The MonitorGO® Device

Your MonitorGO® personalised MonitorGO® device:

One-Off Cost: £199.00

This a purchase price, not a rental so the device is yours to keep. We can even remove the MonitorGO® software and restore all telephony functionality at a later date if you so desire.

Monthly Fee

A monthly fee is payable that includes the following:

Airtime Package

To operate, your MonitorGO® device requires access the mobile phone network. Our Airtime Package provides all the telephony that the device requires to work properly. It also includes UNLIMITED CALLS TO UK LANDLINES (numbers starting in 01 / 02 / 03) plus 250 minutes of calls to other UK mobiles, access to the client area of the website and customer support.

Medvivo 24/7 Help Line

Having access to a 24 hour help line means you never have to worry about not being able to get help when you need it, whatever time of the day or night. Medvivo provides our Help Line service and offer a huge amount of expertise and experience in providing telehealth services. The fall detection and unconsciousness alert features always default to the Medvivo 24/7 Help Line so there will always be someone to take that important call (if you are unconscious or injured you really don’t want to reach someone’s voicemail). Access is unlimited.

Monthly Cost: £30.00


The following are add-ons that you may choose to complement your MonitorGO® system:

KeySafe C500

Key Safe C500The KeySafe C500 is a safe that is installed adjacent to the external door of the house and can hold up to 6 keys. This allows designated contacts to access the house in the event of an incident. This particular key safe is the only product of its kind to be granted police approval. More details

Cost: £94.00



Carry Pouch

Carry ouch for MonitorGOThe MonitorGO device should ideally be carried somewhere around the hip area. This could be in a pocket or in a carry pouch/holster. Our carry pouch fastens around the waist or hips (the belt is adjustable and elasticated so you can wear it in whatever position feels comfortable). It features a zipped pocket in which to place your MonitorGO with a long tab attached to the zip for easy access. Available in grey or beige the pouch sits flat, even while carrying the device, so it can be discretely worn underneath clothing if desired.

Cost: £9.99


All costs include VAT at the standard rate and P&P. Select your accessories when you buy your MonitorGO or you can buy them separately.