What is MonitorGO®?

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How MonitorGO® Works: Using Smart Phone Technology

The MonitorGO® device is a smart phone loaded with bespoke software. This gives us a number of advantages:

  • Smart phones are equipped with ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. This gives us huge potential for features way in excess of the capabilities of a standard personal alarm
  • Smart phone technology is very ADAPTABLE, giving us huge CONTROL over the features we develop
  • Smart phones are AFFORDABLE. The cost of MonitorGO®, at just £199 plus £30 per month, is comparable to the cost of a standard mobile phone plus we include UNLIMITED CALLS TO UK LANDLINES so you don’t need to worry about the cost of calls
  • Smart phones carry NO PERCEIVED STIGMA. Many older people don’t like the idea of wearing a pendant device but carrying a mobile phone is something that 94% of adults do
  • MonitorGO® can still be used as a mobile phone, allowing you to MAKE AND RECEIVE CALLS
  • Because the device that we use has IP67 certified water-resistant design, it is FULLY WATERPROOF and can therefore be taken into the bath or shower
  • Because of the adaptability we can simplify operation ensuring EASE OF USE even for those with no prior experience of using a smart phone or those with limited fine motor skills

MonitorGO personal alarm device

The smart phone therefore represents the perfect solution. We’re partnered with Samsung so you know that the quality and specification of the device is excellent.

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How much MonitorGO® does cost?

The device costs £199 plus £30 monthly fee. For full details see MonitorGO® pricing.