What is MonitorGO®?

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Key Safe C500 to allow for safe access to your home

Key Safe

One of the accessories that we offer alongside the MonitorGO device is a key safe. The KeySafe C500 is designed to allow designated people access to your home should you not be able to get to the door to let them in yourself. It’s often used by those with limited mobility to allow family members, friends and carers to let themselves in but it’s also a really useful aid to allow people in in an emergency.

If you have a fall and can’t get up you can summon help using your MonitorGO alarm but it’s important that someone can get into your home to provide that help. Likewise, if you become unconscious and the alarm is raised on your behalf, you need to know that your carer or emergency services can gain access without having to damage your property. KeySafe facilitates this by allowing you to leave a key inside the safe, which is fixed to the outside of your house and then locked up. To get to the key(s) inside you have to use a code which you set yourself. This code can be then be shared with your trusted contacts and our 24 hour help line. You can re-set the code at any time.

The KeySafe C500 that we offer is manufactured by leading key safe manufacturers, Supra, and is the only key safe to have police approval.  MonitorGO and the KeySafe C500 really do offer a comprehensive safety package that covers a range of eventualities and can significantly minimise medical issues following a fall or incident where help is required.

The KeySafe C500 can be purchased from our shop with the MonitorGO or as a stand-alone purchase.

Click play to see a demo of the Key Safe C500 in use