What is MonitorGO®?

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MonitorGO® Personal Alarm Device: Information for Users

When we get older it can be difficult for us to accept that we need additional support. Age brings with it wisdom and experience but it can also bring health problems that make everyday life more difficult. The one thing that many older people place the greatest importance on is their independence, in particular the desire to remain in their own homes. The MonitorGO®device is designed to enable people to retain their independence for as long as possible; providing the reassurance of being able to summon help should it be needed.

MonitorGO® is not like other personal alarm systems: it can be used everywhere* so is really useful if you still like to get out and about; it replaces a pendant with a specially adapted mobile phone which eradicates the ‘stigma’ often associated with traditional systems; and it offers a range of benefits way beyond standard personal alarms such as fall detection and unconsciousness alert (with automatic alarm raising), location finding and the option to make and receive calls using the device itself. It’s also waterproof, so you can even take it into the bath or shower with you – a time when many are more vulnerable to falls.

If you have used a pendant personal alarm before and find its limitations frustrating or perhaps have resisted it due to embarrassment or lack of faith in the system, then now could be the time to try MonitorGO®. It could provide invaluable reassurance for yourself as well as give your loved ones a greater peace of mind than has ever been possible before.

Affordable and Easy to Use

As well as boasting a range of benefits over and above those of a standard personal alarm, and despite being based on complex technology installed on a mobile phone handset, MonitorGO® remains very accessible in terms of ease of use (even for those unfamiliar with a smartphone) and affordability, costing just £199 for the device plus £30 per month for the on-going network provision and access to the 24 hour help line. We include unlimited calls to UK landlines so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected bills and you can store up to 30 contacts on the device. We believe it is the best personal alarm solution for older people available on the UK market. For an impartial review of telecare devices click here.

For further information on who MonitorGO® is best suited to click here.