What is MonitorGO®?

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MonitorGO® Personal Alarm Device: Information for Carers

When your mum, dad, relative or friend starts to suffer from age-related health problems that make it increasingly problematic to live their lives independently it can be a very difficult time for you. You want the best for them and to allow them to retain their dignity and their independence but you also want them to be safe and looked after.

Paramount for many people when they get older is that they can remain in their own home. As their carer you can be torn between wanting them to be able to live independently but concerned that they may have an accident, or become lost outside the home, and be unable to access the help they need. Many go down the route of a traditional pendant personal alarm, or other telecare device, but these come with limitations, most notably in terms of range (they need to be within range of the communications box on the landline) and being able to summon help if your loved one is not able to raise the alarm themselves (eg due to lack of consciousness). The MonitorGO® device may be the solution that you are looking for; offering all the features of a standard personal alarm along with a range of additional benefits and solutions to the restrictions of these now out-dated systems.

Peace of mind knowing your loved one has access to help at all times

As much as you would like to it’s not always practical to be with your loved one around the clock. What you can do is make sure that if they have a problem then appropriate help is available wherever they are, whatever has happened and whenever it happens*. The MonitorGO® device gives them the option of contacting yourself, another designated contact or a 24 hour Help Line so there is always someone available to them. As the device is also a mobile phone they can use it for any other calls they want to make and you can use it to call them. Calls to UK landlines are unlimited so there’s no need to worry about the cost of calls.

Making you a partner in their care

While the MonitorGO® device is designed around the needs of the older person wearing it (the user) we have also integrated the needs and concerns of those with the responsibility for caring for them. The whole concept of MonitorGO® was born from the issues that founder Stephen Bradbury faced when caring for his elderly relatives and so we’ve attempted to create a solution that addresses the needs of both user and carer.

A significant feature of the device is the information that you have access to via the client area on the MonitorGO® website. Here you can manage a number of aspects of the device including adding and replacing contacts and updating information about the user (contact details, how they prefer to be addressed, medical history etc). Most significantly you have access to important data including location tracking (very useful for those who may get confused and wander off), records of any alarms raised and even the current battery status of their device. You can log into this area at any time and access live data for ultimate peace of mind.

One of the concerns that some carers have is that their relative/loved one won’t use the device appropriately, reducing its usefulness. This is a valid concern so we’ve done all we can to try and make it as easy as possible to maintain maximum effectiveness. For optimum performance, MonitorGO® should be worn at the waist. Based on the global research into fall detection technology, and our own field trials, this is the position at which the device works most effectively. They can do this using a carry pouch (available from us or source one yourself) or by carrying it in a pocket.

We’ve also made it very easy to use the device itself with simplified screens and features such as photos as well as names for the contacts.

For further information on who MonitorGO® is best suited to click here.

* Maximum capability subject to proper use and appropriate conditions such as network signal. See T&Cs