What is MonitorGO®?

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Independent Comparison of Telecare Devices

guydewsbury telecare consultant

Professional telecare research consultant compares MonitorGO against other aids

We believe that the device we have created in MonitorGO represents a significantly better alternative to anything else that’s on the market in terms of telecare for older people.

But of course we would say that!

We therefore decided that our assumptions needed to be verified by an independent source, working in this field.

We became aware of Guy Dewsbury PhD, through his work for Telecare Aware, the independent telecare and telehealth news service. As an independent research consultant specialising in the relationship between technology, health and social care, Guy writes for Telecare Aware and is an advocate of the use of technology to help people live independently. We asked Guy to conduct a review of the most common telecare devices that are available on the market now; to provide a comparison of features and draw his conclusions on the market as a whole.

He agreed and the results of that review can be seen here.

Guy writes about the varying solutions that the devices provide, each doing a decent job dealing with fairly singular issues: falls, location, alerts etc but few providing a holistic solution for those with a range of needs. This often results in the user needing to wear several devices or simply accept, if they only have one aid, that there will be gaps in their provision – eg if they leave the home or become unconscious. He describes MonitorGO as “… a substitute for the pendant, fall detector and location tracker whilst also being a mobile phone.” and therefore “a very interesting development in the care of older people, both for users and for providers of telecare, in an industry that hasn’t seen any significant advances in technology for around 30 years. It is certainly one that the social sector should take note of and investigate the potential it offers.”

While we have always been confident that MonitorGO offers a very useful range of features that don’t appear to be combined in any other single device, we’re obviously delighted to have this affirmed by an independent expert in the field.


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