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The story of John, the inspiration for MonitorGo

Whenever John fell over and lay on his kitchen floor for hours until rescued by Kerry, his carer, or whenever the A&E staff at Coventry hospital tried to patch up his wafer thin skin after another blow to the head, or whenever he slipped unseen into a ditch and couldn’t scramble out, John’s response was always positive. “I’m all right, Stephen, don’t worry about me.”

John finally fell over for the last time in 2012, just before his 91st birthday. The picture is taken the day before he died, sitting in his kitchen with Cara, his great grand niece.

John’s optimism shone through all disasters. He was loved by and was an inspiration to all who knew him. But we did worry. John’s wife had died years earlier and they had no children, and he was determined to live independently in his own home.

We got him fixed up with an alarm pendant, but it never helped John. When he crashed to the kitchen floor he was already unconscious and was unable to press the button to fetch help. When he slipped into the ditch at the end of his garden he had moved out of range of the landline base station.

I knew there had to be a better system to support John and people like him who want to live independently but who are also frail and given to falls. During his life time I couldn’t find anything better than the pendant alarm, so the last two years since John’s death have been spent developing the MonitorGo system and I just wish that John was still alive to be one of its first users.

John’s optimism is still an inspiration to us all.

Blog written by Stephen Bradbury, nephew of John Almey, and founder of MonitorGo.

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