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Half a Million Older People Due to Spend Christmas Alone

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And, according to Friends of the Elderly, 62% of us believe we could do more to help them but we don’t know how. See the recent Yorkshire Post article.

We know from our own experience that independence is coveted but loneliness is debilitating, often in much the same way as ill health. There are charities and organisations that can help people feel less lonely at Christmas including those that list events happening over the festive period for people on their own and even those that organise volunteers to visit people in their homes.

With almost two thirds of people willing to do more to make a lonely older person feel less isolated it seems a shame that there are still so many that won’t see anyone over Christmas. Often it doesn’t require a lot of time or commitment; it might just be popping in to someone for a quick cup of tea, doing a bit of shopping for them or dropping in with a Christmas card or something homemade.

With a MonitorGO device you can store a number of contacts to call in case of emergency but some have the problem that their sons/daughters/relatives don’t live very close by and so would be unable to respond quickly if they needed help in person. It would be really great if people could have a think about their neighbours and ask the question ‘could I be an emergency contact for that person living alone?’, ‘Could I just be on stand-by if something happened?’. You may never be called upon but it could be reassuring for someone just to know that there is somebody close by who is willing to help them if they need it.

If you want to help out this Christmas you can contact charities such as Friends of the Elderly or The Salvation Army who organise support for people on their own.

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