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Fall over again, Grandad

Falling from a building

I have been testing the fall detection component on the MonitorGo device. My grandchildren who live in Paris have been helping me.

I showed them how it works by tossing it onto the couch and, just as designed, a Yorkshire voice emerged from the phone, asking if I was OK – “A fall has been detected…”

This kept them happy for all of 5 minutes, tossing it from ever greater heights and squealing each time the voice emerged.

But soon they wanted it for real. “Grandad, fall over for us with it in your pocket.”

I pointed out that it was a safety device, not an encouragement to a 65 year old to risk his bones just to entertain his grandchildren. But they were happy to volunteer themselves as testers, tucking the device into their pockets and climbing to stand on the back of the couch and throwing themselves down again with increasing extravagance.

This was the best entertainment they had enjoyed for ages and they started to mimic the Yorkshire voice of the software engineer who had programmed the device. Somehow this seemed disrespectful, and I was starting to fear for the well-being of the young testers so I suggested we should move on to test the unconsciousness component and lie motionless and still for 30 minutes. This seemed to hold little appeal.

When I got back to Huddersfield I received an email from Paris and attached was an image, apparently of me, testing the device.

Blog written by Stephen Bradbury, grandfather of Frankie and Jake, and founder of MonitorGo

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