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When Stephen Bradbury founded MonitorGO Ltd in 2013 his vision was to create something better for older people that allowed them to stay in their own home for longer and enjoy their independence. 1 year on of product development, partner sourcing, brand creation and on-going market research and that vision has not changed, but we are much closer to making it a reality. We’re now happy with the software, we have found the right handset, we have the 24 hour call centre in place and we can supply the telephony contract. We’ve tested it ourselves and we’re happy with that and we’re now in a position to start live field testing – exciting stuff!

To help us raise the funds that we need for this next exciting phase we have launched a Crowdfunder campaign – you can see more information about that here – with a target of £5000.

We don’t want money for nothing; we offer some great rewards in return for pledges. These are as follows:

  • £10 for a place on our Appreciation Board – good for those who want to show their support but want to keep their pledge small
  • £40 for a personal demo from Stephen in your own home + a £40 voucher towards a device – a fantastic opportunity to see the device for yourself and the cost of it is taken off the device if you go ahead and buy one
  • £75 for a C500 key safe – this is a optional accessory for the device. Normal RRP is £94 so it’s a nice saving
  • £100 for a place at one of our Brain’s Trust events – these events (one to be held in the north, one in the south of England) allow those attending to really be part of the development of the device. We’ll be discussing impact, future developments and beginning discussions with potential partners
  • £150 for a MonitorGO device (stand-alone device, not including SIM or Call Centre provision). This represents £49 off the retail cost of the device
  • £500 for an exclusive special offer pre-purchase price – pre-purchase a device including 24 months of SIM card and call centre access for £500. This represents a discount of £347 off the retail cost of the device + 2 year all inclusive package – only 1 available
  • £600 for a super-early-bird offer – pre-purchase a device including 24 months of SIM card and call centre access for £600. This represents a saving of £247 on the retail cost 2 year all inclusive package – only 1 available

If you agree that the elderly care sector needs a product like this then please help us by making a pledge. Visit the Crowdfunder page now and help us achieve our vision of something better.

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