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A Mobile Pendant alarm: it’s not too much to ask, is it?

John Almey MonitorGO

Created by the elderly, for the elderly This is a photo of John Almey, taken 7 hours before he died. He looks sprightly, but he knew he was dying and his family were there with him. He’s in his own

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Strength in Numbers

Jeremy Wilson, WGN

The team at MonitorGo received a boost this week. We were joined by Jeremy Wilson from WGN (specialist business advisors to SME growth companies) as our Finance Director. Jeremy will be working with us to launch the MonitorGo device at

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Fall over again, Grandad

Falling from a building

I have been testing the fall detection component on the MonitorGo device. My grandchildren who live in Paris have been helping me. I showed them how it works by tossing it onto the couch and, just as designed, a Yorkshire

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I’m all right


The story of John, the inspiration for MonitorGo Whenever John fell over and lay on his kitchen floor for hours until rescued by Kerry, his carer, or whenever the A&E staff at Coventry hospital tried to patch up his wafer

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