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Are you the filling in the sandwich?


So-called ‘sandwich generation’ reaches 1 million people in the UK

According to recent reports there are now over 1 million people in the UK who are part of what the media has dubbed the sandwich generation; those who are supporting both elderly parents and their children. An ageing population, people having their children later in life and children staying at home longer have created a section of society aged 40-60 who are having to meet the needs of both the older and younger generations of their families.

Needless to say this causes a great deal of strain, both financially and emotionally. Costs are increasing at both ends with the growing cost of elderly care at one end and childcare and student tuition fees at the other and of course there is a time cost as well with many balancing working full time and giving hands-on care to their elderly parent(s).

While there’s not much we can do for your children (sorry), we do think that MonitorGO can help in relieving some of the financial and emotional strain when it comes to caring for parents. While it’s clearly not a substitute for 1-1 care, if that’s what your mum or dad require, it is a significant step up from a pendant alarm system (read why here) which means that they can usually stay in their own home for much longer.

This reduces some of the financial strain because the need for care can be delayed and the device itself is very affordable.

MonitorGO can also offset the emotional strain because it offers reassurance: reassurance that the device won’t go out of range; reassurance that it will trigger an alarm in the event of a fall, even if the wearer is unconscious; reassurance that their call will always be answered, even if you are unavailable (if the 24 hour care line option is taken); and reassurance that you’ll always know where they are, even away from the home with GPS location tracking. One thing that users of pendant alarms often worry about is worrying their family unnecessarily with false alarms. That doesn’t happen either with MonitorGO as there are failsafes built in that help to prevent them.

As well as alleviate your worries as your parent’s carer, it can help to reduce theirs as well. They can have more confidence to live at home because of all the features and for many, being a ‘burden’ on their families is one of their biggest concerns. It’s never easy, after 7 or 8 decades on this planet, needing to be cared for by your children but a device like this can ease some of the distress because it is, after all, a mobile phone so it doesn’t have the ‘frail elderly person’ connotations that a pendant alarm often does.

If you are responsible for the care of an elderly parent we have more information about how MonitorGO could benefit your mum or dad here. If you prefer, you can call us on 01484 483160 or e-mail enquiries@monitorgo.com and we’ll answer any questions you have.


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