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… and we’ve joined the UK Telehealthcare Group as well

UK Telehealthcare Group (UKTHC)

In the same week that we joined the Telecare Services Association (TSA) we’ve also joined the UK Telehealthcare Group (UKTHC). As with the TSA, the UKTHC provides vital support to organisations striving to provide high quality telecare and telehealth services.

In their words: “UKTelehealthcare is a membership based organisation for all Telecare and Telehealth professionals, service providers, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Registered Social Landlords and suppliers in the UK. We are dedicated to raising the profile of telecare and telehealth services, and our supplier members include most of the UK companies which produce the equipment that monitors the safety and well-being of the public.”

We think that with the UKTHC’s support and the opportunities they provide to network with fellow telecare providers, we can only improve what we do and deliver a better product and service to our users. We look forward to taking advantage of all that they can help us with.

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