What is MonitorGO®?

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At MonitorGo we want to work with partners who we trust, can provide a good service and, ultimately, who we like! We select these partner companies carefully because we know that, whatever product or service they provide to us, it will impact somehow on the products and services that we in turn provide to our clients.

The following are some of our key partners, all of whom we would recommend highly:

Company: Medvivo Ltdmedvivo
Product/Service Provided: 24/7 Help Line provision


WGNCompany: WGN
Product/Service Provided: Accountancy and Finance Director
Contact Name: Jeremy Wilson


Panda logoCompany: Panda IT Solutions
Product/Service Provided: IT
Contact Name: Andy Brook


Ego design and webCompany: Ego
Product/Service Provided: Branding, web and print design
Contact Name: Jo Clarke

Telesales Services Association (TSA)

Organisation: Telesales Services Association (TSA)
Product/Service Provided: Industry body for telecare and telehealth


UK Telehealthcare Group (UKTHC)

Organisation: UK Telehealthcare Group (UKTHC)
Product/Service Provided: A membership based organisation for all Telecare and Telehealth professionals, service providers, Clinical Commissioning Groups,
Registered Social Landlords and suppliers in the UK.