What is MonitorGO®?

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Meet The MonitorGO® Team

Despite its big ambitions, MonitorGO® is not a multi-national corporation – we are a small company based in West Yorkshire. There are 4 members of the MonitorGO® launch team, each bringing different expertise and experience to the company but united by a vision to make a difference to older people and their families.

Stephen Bradbury, Founder and Managing Director

stephen-bradburyStephen is the driving force behind MonitorGO®. He had a vision for something better for older people after his own experiences of caring for his mother, father and uncle; each with different care needs and all of whom lived into their 90s. No personal alarm system on the market met their needs and so he set about creating an alternative.

Why Stephen thinks that MonitorGO® is important:

“Life becomes still more special as you get older, and you want to enjoy that precious time to the full. Both you and your family want to know that help is at hand, but that you can still be independent and mobile. MonitorGO® provides you with the confidence to live your life as you decide.”

Stephen’s vision for MonitorGO®

“Following my experience with my own family members I wanted to create something that does not tie people to their home. My relatives prized their independence and I know that most people in their later years feel the same. My vision is that the MonitorGO® device will help to build your confidence and enable you to remain in your own home, leading your life as fully as possible.”

Austen Jones, Software Development

austen-jonesAusten’s job is to ensure that the technical side of MonitorGO® meets everyone’s high expectations and aspirations. He also has to keep a beady eye on developments in the marketplace that may usefully be fed into MonitorGO® development cycle.

Austen’s Vision for MonitorGO®

“I’d like MonitorGO® to be the gold standard and technological leader in the provision of systems to help people live safely and independently for longer.”

He sees it as essential that MonitorGO® must evoke feelings of trust, quality, reliability and peace of mind in those that use it. MonitorGO® offers a number of key advantages over comparable products and services but more than that it represents a step change in how the ‘problem’ of safe independent living is defined and makes ground-breaking, but appropriate, use of new technology.  MonitorGO® is the overdue ‘shock’ that this market needs.”


Andrew Sagar, Finance

andrew-sagarAndrew’s role is to manage the company’s finances and oversee the running of the head office in Huddersfield. He has worked in finance for many years including having looked after the accounts in his family business for 26 years. Andrew is registered disabled himself, and is well aware of the importance of independence and mobility.

Why Andrew thinks that MonitorGO® is important:

MonitorGO® uses new technology and gives people the freedom to roam while retaining the benefit of being able to keep in contact with family and friends at the touch of a button.”

Andrew’s vision for MonitorGO®

“My vision is to be able to help disabled people and people with limited mobility have better lives.”

Ian Lomas, ConsultantIan Lomas

Ian’s role is to advise and direct MonitorGO in developing relationships with the NHS and other health and medical organisations. Ian has worked within the health industry for over 40 years and is the former CEO of Surgical Innovations, a company that he led from its early days through to merger and flotation. He is currently the Managing Director of The Medical Device Consultancy, an organisation that offers sales and marketing services to start up companies with innovative technologies, and Nationwide Surgical Centres Limited, a private clinic offering walk in – walk out varicose vein treatments.

Ian’s vision for MonitorGO®

“I think that MonitorGO is a really interesting device with a lot of potential to make a big impact on the medical and care markets. I’m pleased to be part of the team working to make that a reality.”