What is MonitorGO®?

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A Pre-Elderly Alarm Device?

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Something for those not ready to be ‘elderly’ just yet.

We often talk about MonitorGO as an alternative to a pendant alarm systems and in many respects it is because it does all the things that a pendant does and of course quite a lot more. Most people who use a pendant alarm could benefit from swapping to MonitorGO.

But it’s not just an alternative to a pendant.

A lot of people associate the pendant alarms with those who are primarily house bound, mainly because they only work within a short range of the landline phone. MonitorGO works within the home, so it does meet the needs of those people, but it also works everywhere else as well so there is a whole sector of society who wouldn’t have considered a pendant who could benefit from a MonitorGO. This is because MonitorGO works very well for those who want the security of the ‘safety net’ but who are still very active and really don’t see themselves as ‘elderly’. Perhaps we would call these people the ‘pre-elderly’?

The pre-elderly aren’t ready to throw a blanket over their knees and stay in the house just yet; they like to get out and do lots of things outside of the home but they may be starting with some health issues that could make a fall a problem or they may just like the idea of having some help available if they need it.

For these people a MonitorGO is less of an alternative to a pendant and much more an alternative to a mobile phone.

Because MonitorGO is built on a smartphone you can still use it to make and receive calls so it fulfils both needs very well, plus it has none of the associations that come with a pendant that the pre-elderly just don’t identify with yet.

So if you are much more a mobile phone carrier than a pendant wearer, next time you’re upgrading your mobile phone why not think ‘outside the box’ and consider a MonitorGO?



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