What is MonitorGO®?

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like a PENDANT



The MonitorGO® device provides a new solution for the older person who wants to maintain their independence and confidence. It has 9 key features:

  • Alarm Raising: Use it to summon help
  • Fall Detection: If you fall it will detect it and raise the alarm
  • Unconsciousness Alert: If you become unconscious it will raise the alarm
  • GPS Location Finding: It will detect your location so you can be found
  • 24/7 Help Line: Access to the Medvivo 24/7 Help Line is included
  • False Alarm Prevention: It has a failsafe built in to prevent false alarms
  • Waterproof: Thanks to its IP67-certified water-resistant design, it can be taken into the bath or shower
  • Fully Mobile: It can be used everywhere, not just at home
  • Mobile Phone Functionality: Use it to make and receive phone calls – including unlimited calls to UK landlines!

MonitorGO personal alarm device

MonitorGO® offers features never available before in a single personal alarm or pendant device. We developed it to resolve the shortcomings of other personal alarm devices and to provide new solutions to the areas of concern that older people have. In doing this, MonitorGO® is the most innovative personal alarm solution to enter the UK market yet it remains affordable and easy to use. See here for full pricing details.